Bloober Team Avoids Commenting on Recent ‘Silent Hill’ Rumours

After the Silent Hill rumours dropped earlier this week, you’re probably wondering what Konami says in response to all of this. Well, other than the DCMA notice taking down the screenshots, that would be it. However, the focus once again turned to Bloober Team, who didn’t exactly put to rest any speculations that they were […]

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Konami Looking to Remake ‘Silent Hill 2’, Create Multiple Titles Using The IP?

It’s the story that keeps on giving. Three days ago, a noted leaker had revealed several screenshots from what’s purportedly the Silent Hill remake. Now, another set of leaks have appeared online, including one involving Bloober Team and a remake of Silent Hill 2! For starters, according to influencer NateTheHate and journalist Jeff Grubb (and corroborated by Video […]

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Leaker Reveals Images From New ‘Silent Hill’ Game?

The saga of a new Silent Hill game continues. Per Video Games Chronicle, longtime noted leaker AestheticGamer (who had previously posted under the name Dusk Golem) has revealed a handful of images supposedly from an in-development Silent Hill title, saying that their source is new, but they had been given “more than enough proof to […]

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‘The Medium’ Developers Bloober Team Joins With Rogue Games For Unannounced Project

Bloober Team has announced that they’ve teamed up with Rogue Games as part of Bloober Team’s currently-in-development next-gen titles for consoles and PC. While it might not seem like much at first, but when you dig deeper into the agreement, the speculation starts churning. As horror fans know, Bloober Team have made a name for […]

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Bloober Team Tease New ‘Layers of Fear’ Entry, Additional Upcoming Projects

Bloober Team are apparently back at it with another Layers of Fear entry. The team sent IGN a cryptic video (which you can see below) teasing a brand-new entry in the series powered by Epic Games’ shiny new Unreal Engine 5. In addition to the video, Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babiebo had this to say: […]

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[Watch] The PS5 Launch Trailer For ‘The Medium’ Brings The Scares And The Score

Ahead of the release of The Medium for PlayStation 5, Bloober Team has released a brand-new trailer that originally premiered during Gamescom 2021 last week. The trailer also gives us a clip of the score, ““Across The Shore”, provided by Arkadiusz Reikowski and Silent Hill alumni Akira Yamaoka and Mary Elisabeth McGlynn. As for the […]

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[Watch] New Trailer Gives Overview of PS5 Enhancements For ‘The Medium’

With The Medium arriving next month for PlayStation 5 users, and the fact that the game will be taking advantage of the PS5’s DualSense, Bloober Team thought it best to drop a trailer explaining just what users can expect from the enhancement. Over on PlayStation Blog, Bloober Team producer Szymon Erdmanski explains that The Medium […]

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[Trailer] ‘Observer: System Redux’ Now Available on PS4, Xbox One; Free Upgrade to Next-Gen Also Available

After a little longer than stated wait, Bloober Team has finally brought Observer: System Redux to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Available physically and digitally, the title can be had for $29.99 USD. That’s of course if you haven’t already snagged it for PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series. And yes, in case you’re […]

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Bloober Team Responds to Rumours Regarding Grants; Developer Currently Working on Two “Large Projects”

Last week, it was reported that Bloober Team had received grants for three projects, one of which turned out to be Layers of Fear 2, fueling speculation in some circles that Bloober Team’s recent strategic partnership deal with Konami might have one of these turn into a new Silent Hill game. In a new interview […]

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