Peeling Off the ‘Layers of Fear’ in Bloober Team’s Horror Hit [Safe Room Podcast]

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To say that Bloober Team is striking while the horror iron is hot would be an understatement. The studio’s prolific rise within gaming, thanks to helming several beloved IPs and crafting its own, is nothing short of noteworthy. 

Over the last six years, the Polish studio released seven games that, while all different, abide by Bloober’s commitment to horror experiences that largely strip away the conventional survival trappings of the genre. And while this has led to varying success over the last decade, one thing remains steadfast in its approach to games: Narrative is king, with few better examples in its portfolio than 2016’s Layers of Fear.

The tortured artist trope is one that anyone even remotely interested in horror, or honestly, any medium of fiction, has encountered countless times. And yet, Layers of Fear smartly took this tired trope and applied a level of vague and hallucinatory horrors to the experience, that it reinvigorated the premise into something that felt exciting again. 

So for this week’s episode, Neil and I recruited the host of Knight Light: A Horror Movie Podcast, Prince Jackson, to help us unpack Layers of Fear’s unique approach to storytelling, the inherent potential of remakes, and to fill us in on just what the heck a horror movie consultant is?! – Jay Krieger

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