[Trailer] Latest ‘DayZ’ Update Adds More Weapons, Quality of Life Improvements

Bohemia Interactive have added more goodies in the new 1.15 update for their open-world survival game, DayZ. In addition to quality-of-life improvements, player can now add a barbed wire baseball bat to their arsenal, along with several other weapons.

As well as being able to craft the barbed wire baseball bat, players will also be able to snag the AUR A1 bullpup, as well as its more customizable AX variant. For those of you who have wanted to play as the fairer sex in the game, you can now select a female character via character selection in the main menu. Lastly, players can now find a Hunter’s Vest to add to their character’s wardrobe.

As for fixes, a major clipping issue affecting all headgear and balaclavas has been addressed. Head torches can now be assigned to the glasses inventory slot, as well. Consumption and thresholds of water and energy have been tweaked, and audio feedback when switching a weapon’s fire mode has been added.

The 1.15 update is available now across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of DayZ.