[Trailer] Survival Horror Title ‘Wronged Us’ Announced For PC, Consoles

Remember that all-too-brief and cryptic teaser that was dropped last month for for Delusional Studio’s Wronged Us? Well, the team has now given out a little more info on the game, which is now slated to be in production for PC and consoles. They’ve also dropped a new gameplay trailer for the game, which according to the team, is comprised of different builds of the game.

In addition, Delusional Studio has updated their website to show off new screenshots from the game, which is said to be ” a cinematic story driven game set in a small town,” where the player faces off against psychological horrors, solving puzzles, and fighting monsters. You’ll also be interacting with various NPCs.

Originally announced to be released next year, the team has decided that “due to recent change in the game’s scope,” Wronged Us will be aiming for a 2023 release.

According to Delusional, Wronged Us will combine aspects of Dark Souls, Silent Hill and Resident Evil, creating an open-world game that combines settings, atmosphere and gameplay mechanics of all three titles.