Safe Room Picks its Favorite Games of 2022 So Far! [Safe Room Podcast]

Before diving into this week’s GOTY 2022 (So Far) episode, be sure to catch up on last week’s episode of Safe Room in which Neil and I chatted about Steam Next Fest & Tribeca 2022 demos!

Where does the time go?

As we have reached the halfway point of the year, Neil and I have each picked five 2022 horror games that have stood out to us amongst the lot! A games of the year (so far) chat if you will. As we typically do, we have gone to great pains to highlight AAA horror behemoths and lesser-known, but no less potently horrifying, indie gems.  

From unmissable entries such as Elden Ring to Evil Dead: The Game to off the beaten paths delights such as Nightmare of Decay and Silt, 2022 has had no shortage of horror delights, and we’ve got another six months of releases to still contend with!

As fleeting as time is, there suddenly seems not to be enough to get around to playing everything, right? 

What are your favorite horror games of 2022 so far? –Jay Krieger

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