Check Out This Fan-Made Game Boy “Demake” of ‘Elden Ring’ [Video]

PC gamers haven’t had the best time with Elden Ring when compared to their console brethren. While the game looks nice, the performance leaves something to be desired. So for those looking for a more manageable version of Elden Ring, a Reddit user has a solution: a Game Boy demake. The user by the name […]

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‘Elden Ring’ Review – A Beautifully Twisted World of Endless Death!

I’ve spent the best part of three weeks playing Elden Ring. I’d put off this review another few weeks if I could, not because I’m unsure about my feelings on the game, but because I don’t want to put any kind of finality on one of the best game experiences I’ve had for a long […]

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‘Elden Ring’ Sales Top 12 Million; Potential IP Expansion Beyond Games

So, in case you were just wondering how From Software is doing with Elden Ring, the developer has released some handy stats for the Soulslike’s sales. As you might expect, it’s been a smash hit. According to From Software, total worldwide shipments and digital sales for Elden Ring have surpassed 12 million units across PC, […]

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Overview Trailer for ‘Elden Ring’ Summarizes All You Need to Know [Video]

It won’t be long now for Elden Ring‘s release. With the game slated to arrive later this week, From Software and Bandai Namco have released a new overview trailer for Elden Ring that gives fans and fence-sitters a taste of what’s to come. And what’s to come is quite a bit. Much of what’s been […]

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[Trailer] ‘Bloodborne PSX’ Demake Now Available

After months of waiting, Lilith Walther’s demake of From Software’s Bloodborne is finally out in the wild for fans to enjoy. Via, Bloodborne PSX is free to download, and sees you trudging through the streets of Yharnam, fighting off familiar monsters and foes. “Wield over 10 unique hunter weapons using the Strategic Action Combat system to […]

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[TGA 2021] ‘Elden Ring’ Receives New Cinematic Story Trailer

On top of winning the Most Anticipated Game award for the second year in a row, From Software and Bandai Namco games have unveiled a new trailer for Elden Ring. The cinematic trailer sets up the game’s story and setting in some gorgeous-looking visuals. The soulslike is still on track for its February 25, 2022 […]

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‘Resident Evil Village’ Cleans up The Golden Joystick Awards, ‘Dark Souls’ Named The “Ultimate Game of All Time”

In what might be a prelude for The Game Awards in a few weeks’ time, Capcom’s Resident Evil Village snagged several of the awards earlier this week at GamesRadar’s Golden Joystick Awards, including the coveted Ultimate Game of the Year. Alongside Village, Death Loop, Metroid Dread, Psychonauts 2, Elden Ring and even Dark Souls all […]

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[Video] ‘Elden Ring’ Previews Reveal More Gameplay, More Info Ahead of Network Test

With Elden Ring having its closed network test tomorrow, several outlets have begun showing off previews of the game. Of course, that not only means tons of new footage of the game in action, but also a few new tidbits about the From Software/George R.R. Martin collaboration. As one might expect from the people behind […]

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[Video] Collector’s Edition of ‘Elden Ring’ Revealed Alongside 15 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

Thanks to a leak by Twitch, the Collector’s Edition of Elden Ring was revealed earlier this morning. This was before the reveal of 15 minutes of gameplay footage for the upcoming From Software title. The Collector’s Edition leak comes from a Twitch ad, which shows off the collector’s box, digital soundtrack, the exclusive Steelbook case […]

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[Trailer] ‘Bloodborne’ PS1 “Demake” Coming This January

We’ve mentioned developer Lilith Walther’s demake of From Software’s Bloodborne a couple of times already, and now we’ll be able to get our hands on in in the new year. The developer has released a new trailer for the demake, complete with a January 31, 2022 release date. The trailer, which again looks like something […]

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‘Elden Ring’ Delayed to February 2022, Closed Network Test Occurring Next Month

Well, this sucks. Bandai Namco’s upcoming collaboration with George R.R. Martin in the Soulslike Elden Ring has been pushed back. Originally schedule for release on January 21, 2022, the game will now see a February 25, 2022 launch instead. Despite producer Yasuhiro Kitao’s claim that the game is in the final stages of development, the […]

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‘Elden Ring’ Producer States The Game is in The “Final Stages of Development” And More

We’re all waiting with baited breath for From Software’s Elden Ring. From Software knows it, and in a new interview with Famitsu during Tokyo Game Show 2021 (which was translated by the Elden Ring subreddit), Elden Ring producer Yasuhiro Kitao dropped a few tidbits that will no doubt please fans. Kitao stated that Elden Ring […]

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[Gamescom 2021] ‘Elden Ring’ Previews Appear Online

Bandai Namco has allowed publications the first hands-off preview for Elden Ring. And while details are still being kept under wraps, there are several key details that publications like GameSpot, Game Informer, IGN have reported on that will no doubt pique your interest. Starting off, the land you’ll be traversing is huge. The game will […]

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‘Bloodborne’ PS1 “Demake” Shows Off Father Gascoigne Fight

Way back in January, we mentioned developer Lilith Walther was busy working away at a PS1 “demake” of From Software’s Bloodborne. Recently, Walther dropped news (and a video) showing off the Father Gascoigne fight in all its wobbly polygonal glory. As you’ll see, Walther has also nailed down practically everything for the fight, including the […]

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