‘Elden Ring’ Review – A Beautifully Twisted World of Endless Death!

I’ve spent the best part of three weeks playing Elden Ring. I’d put off this review another few weeks if I could, not because I’m unsure about my feelings on the game, but because I don’t want to put any kind of finality on one of the best game experiences I’ve had for a long […]

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‘Resident Evil Village’ Cleans up The Golden Joystick Awards, ‘Dark Souls’ Named The “Ultimate Game of All Time”

In what might be a prelude for The Game Awards in a few weeks’ time, Capcom’s Resident Evil Village snagged several of the awards earlier this week at GamesRadar’s Golden Joystick Awards, including the coveted Ultimate Game of the Year. Alongside Village, Death Loop, Metroid Dread, Psychonauts 2, Elden Ring and even Dark Souls all […]

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[Trailer] Upcoming Survival Horror Title ‘Wronged Us’ Combining ‘Resident Evil’ And ‘Silent Hill’ With ‘Dark Souls’

Sure, you can make your game inspired by classics like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. But what if you threw in some Soulslike elements? That’s what the team behind the recently-announced indie title Wronged Us is hoping to find out. There’s not much more info on Wronged Us at the moment, other than an official […]

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