A Spooky Supermarket and a Terrifying Tornuktu Feature in the First Episode of Horror Bytes [Safe Room Podcast]

Despite one’s best efforts, the inescapable truth of games coverage is that it is impossible to cover it all. And for someone like myself who only recently re-entered the PC gaming space, I have barely explored the horrifying depths of the genre. 

So, in an effort to continually expand our horror palettes, Neil and I are starting a new monthly segment called: Horror Bytes, in which we each bring several indie horror games, from sites such as itch.io, to the table to discuss.

The parameters are relatively loose, the only prerequisites being selected games must be a recent discovery and that it shouldn’t take more than an hour to complete – thus their inherent bite-sized nature. 

 For the first episode, Neil and I have selected two titles apiece to highlight, though this number will surely grow in future editions of Horror Bytes.

Neil’s Picks:

Experiment: Groceries by Nihilanth’s games

3 Minutes by DarkPlayGame

Jay’s Picks: 

TORNUKTU by Jonny’s Games

Security Booth by Kyle Horwood

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