Witches, Aliens, Reunions, and Ghost Hunting in Horror Bytes’ July Edition [Safe Room Podcast]

Before diving into the Horror Bytes July Edition of Safe Room, check out last week’s discussion on our Game of the Year (so far) picks! 

As it’s the beginning of the month, it’s time for Horror Bytes, our monthly segment in which Neil and I each highlight four bite-sized indie horror games that can generally be completed in less than an hour. 

The Horror Bytes: July Edition picks range from a space farming simulator, hunting fleshy mimics with a sledgehammer, an otherworldly high school reunion, and a monochrome homage to Alien. 

The beauty of Horror Bytes is there’s something for everyone, no matter their horror preferences! And as always, be sure to support the developers through their itchio, Steam, or Patreon pages. 

Neil’s Picks

horror bytes july reunion

‘Reunion’ by ghoulishkid

The Muse

Interactive fiction where a writer has a conversation with their sinister muse.


Wriggle about a sickly body as a killer parasite, with the objective being to kill the host.


A man sets up the hall for his high school reunion whilst anxiously fretting about his personal journey to this point.

10 Days Before She Eats Me

Trapped on a revolving space station with a hungry alien, you must garden your way to survival.

Jay’s Picks

horror bytes july vacant

‘Vacant’ by ribyrnes


A demo for a third-person horror game that heavily evokes Robert Eggers’ The Witch. Has a pettable dog.

Perfect Vermin

Armed with a sledgehammer, the player must seek out mimics in an ever-changing office building.


Roped into being the camerawoman for a budding online ghost hunter, a woman discovers the troubling secrets behind a mass disappearance at an isolated hotel in the woods.


A largely monochrome horror set on a space station that taps into the mood and aesthetic of 1970s sci-fi horror (Alien in particular).

Safe Room is a weekly horror video game discussion podcast with new episodes every Monday on iTunes/Apple, Sticher, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Linktree for additional streaming services. 

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