‘Where the Devil Roams’ – New Movie from ‘Hellbender’ Filmmakers Finds a Home at Tubi

The Adams Family debuted on the scene with The Deeper You Dig and returned last year for Shudder’s Hellbender. Up next from the family – and yes, they are indeed a real family – is Where the Devil Roams, and Variety reports that Tubi has scooped up the film this week.

Where the Devil Roams is set to premiere exclusively on Tubi this coming Winter.

“Set during Depression-era America, Where the Devil Roams follows a family of murderous sideshow performers as they travel the dying carnival circuit.”

Toby Poser, Zelda Adams, and John Adams star in the film, as well as write and direct.

Variety previews, “Hugely ambitious, the film’s first 16 minutes packs a black and white prologue where a legless orator recites to a packed theater a poem about fallen angel Abaddon.”

“Tubi is a prime destination for horror fans. We have long seen a hunger for the horror genre on the platform and we continue to super serve these viewers with compelling titles like ‘Where The Devil Roams’ that have broad appeal,” Tubi’s Adam Lewinson told Variety.

Joe Lipsett wrote in his review of the upcoming movie out of Fantasia, “While the period costumes and camera techniques successfully evoke the time period, Where the Devil Roams ultimately needed a tighter focus. There’s good stuff here, but not all of it works.”

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