‘Satan Wants You’ – Satanic Panic Documentary Coming Exclusively to Tubi This Winter

In addition to the Adams Family’s Where the Devil Roams, Tubi has also picked up the SXSW documentary Satan Wants You, both acquisitions announced by Variety this afternoon.

Satan Wants You will debut exclusively on Tubi this coming Winter.

The documentary from writers and directors Sean Horlor and Steve J. Adams explores the infamous “Satanic Panic” wave of the 1980s.

Satan Wants You tells the untold story of how the Satanic Panic of the 1980s was ignited by “Michelle Remembers,” a lurid memoir by psychiatrist Larry Pazder and his patient Michelle Smith. Supported by the Catholic Church, the bestselling book relied on recovered-memory therapy to uncover Michelle’s childhood abduction by baby-stealing Satanists.

Amplified by law enforcement and America’s Daytime TV boom, satanic rumors spread through panic-stricken communities across the world, leaving a wave of destruction and wrongful convictions in their wake. This film digs deep into the roots of moral panics and cult conspiracies, showing how these events still affect and distort our reality today.

Variety notes, “Using archival footage of talk shows, new reports, and in-depth interviews with those closest to the controversy, Horlor and Adams break into the mystique of these reports of ritual abuse and the fervor it created, according to Tubi.”

Michael Grand and Melissa James produced Satan Wants You.

“Tubi is a prime destination for horror fans. We have long seen a hunger for the horror genre on the platform and we continue to super serve these viewers with compelling titles like ‘Where The Devil Roams’ that have broad appeal,” Tubi’s Adam Lewinson told Variety. “We also feel confident that both our horror fans and our dedicated true crime audience will find the real life horror depicted in the unbelievable documentary ‘Satan Wants You’ to be compelling.”

Satan Wants You Tubi

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