VR Survival Horror Title ‘OVRDARK: A Do Not Open Story’ Announced for PSVR2

PSVR fans hoping for the release of NoxNoctis’ VR horror title DO NOT OPEN will now be waiting for OVRDARK: A Do Not Open Story for the PSVR2. Instead of the previously-announced port of DO NOT OPEN (which you can find on Steam), OVRDARK is a brand-new title that will “take the best of [DO NOT OPEN] and enhance it with the experience and possibilities of [the PSVR2]”.

Per the press release, OVRDARK is described as such:

“Something weird happens when they arrive, as the house is completely locked and surrounded by an unsettling atmosphere. Without quite knowing how, an opportunity opens up to enter the house and find out what has happened, but all is eerily quiet with no sign of Julia, Ann or Mike, but this won’t stop an investigator and personal friend of Goreng for over ten years from wanting answers. This is the beginning of a new adventure that follows the true story of what happened one fateful night in November 2019 in the Goreng’s house.”

No release date was announced for OVRDARK, but according to NoxNoctis stated on Twitter that the game will launch “a few months” after the arrival of the PSVR2. Sony’s new VR headset is set to release on February 22.

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