[Video] Watch ‘Scream’ Cast Members Play ‘Among Us’ as Ghostface Cosmetic is Revealed for the Game

It was just yesterday that Bloody Disgusting’s Meagan Navarro published an interview with Scream stars Melissa Barrera and Jack Quaid where they likened the secrecy regarding the film’s script to playing the hit multiplayer murder game Among Us, and as is the norm for Scream, the reference had some real-world connection.

In a promotional video for the film’s release, Quaid is joined by another of his co-stars, Mason Gooding, to play a round or two of Among Us with several streamers (Tina Kitten, 5Upps, Noah J, Kara Corvus, and Chilled Chaos). The end of the video then sees the announcement of an upcoming in-game cosmetic item that will give players a chance to don the iconic Ghostface outfit, which will undoubtedly make anyone wearing it that little bit more suspicious.

Currently, there’s no date for the Ghostface cosmetic’s launch, it’s just listed as ‘coming soon’.

Also of note in the video, there are a few cute Q&A interludes peppered in among the arguing and murdering, including a question about which original cast member would be the best at Among Us (the answer may shock you).

For the uninitiated, Among Us sees a group of players assume roles on spaceships, outposts, and the like, and tasked with particular jobs such as fixing the wiring, sending files, and most importantly, deciding which of their number is a killer in disguise before they all perish.

This is Ghostface’s third appearance in a video game unrelated to Scream. First there was the non-canon version in Dead By Daylight, and then there was last year’s Operator pack for Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. As I noted only recently, there’s not a whole lotta Scream in video games, so it’s nice to see another cameo. Let’s have a full game now, eh?