[Video] ‘Siren’ Concept Artist Miki Takahashi Talks About Her Work With Upcoming Bokeh Game Studio Project

Bokeh Game Studio still aren’t giving up the goods in regards to their current project. But, in a new video posted to their official YouTube channel, we get another preview of what to expect, courtesy of concept artist Miki Takahashi.

The 10-minute video centres on Takahashi’s work. In case you were wondering, Miki was the one who designed corpses and the Yamibito for the Siren series. In the video, Takahashi discusses how she became an artist and her interest in video games, eventually showing glimpses of the concept art for Bokeh Game Studio’s new title.

“I find it good that people who see my work ultimately experience fear,” says Takahashi. “However, there are also emotions of humour, beauty or sadness, that I hope people can grasp as well.”

Once again, we’re not given any info on the project’s title, so we just have to stick with the 2023 release date.