[Trailer] ‘Shadow Man: Remastered’ Now Available on PlayStation, Xbox; Nintendo Switch Version Coming Next Week

Almost a year after its release on PC, Nightdive and Valiant Entertainment have announced that Shadow Man: Remastered is now available on last-gen and current-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles, with the Nintendo Switch version coming on January 17th.

To recap, Shadow Man is an adaptation of the Valiant Comics character, and was originally released back in 1999 for the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation by Acclaim. The game faced the cutting room floor in several areas, to which Nightdive has restored that content. Alongside that restored content, the remastered version of the game features 4K widescreen support, anti-aliasing, and several other graphical improvements.

Shadow Man tells the story of Michael LeRoi, the current incarnation of Shadow Man: A lineage of voodoo warriors who protect the world of the living (known as Liveside) from threats crossing over from Deadside.

Shadow Man: Remastered is also available on PC via Steam and GOG.com.