Throwback Lovecraftian Shooter ‘Forgive Me Father’, Surreal ‘A Wake Inn: Rebooked’ Unveiling Demos Next Month During Steam Next Fest

With Steam Next Fest right around the corner, genre fans will no doubt be in heaven. Among the titles releasing demos, the Lovecraftian-tinged Forgive Me Father and the surreal A Wake Inn: Rebooked will be exhibiting their wares during the event, which kicks off on October 1.

1C Entertainment’s Forgive Me Father is a stylized shooter that will actually release in Early Access via Steam on October 28, so you won’t have to wait much longer after the demo. The story goes that you take on the role of a priest or a journalist, and must try to keep your sanity about you as you make your way through a mad world filled with nightmarish creatures, trying to make sense of it all.

1C Entertainment also dropped a new trailer ahead of time to get fans psyched for the demo.

Meanwhile, a port of the original A Wake Inn, A Wake Inn: Rebooked is a redesigned version of the original without the VR enhancements, but still holding onto those creepy visuals. The VR Bros team is still hard at work on getting the game ready for release, so no trailer for this one.

However, the devs will have a special livestream of of their demo walkthrough on October 1, complete with commentary from the team. You can keep tabs on their official Twitter for the start time.

In A Wake Inn: Rebooked, you assume the role of a wheelchair-bound mannequin that’s trapped in the art deco Silver Inn Hotel that’s filled with an army of living dolls. You’ve got to find out who you are, why you ended up in the hotel, and just who the mysterious voice is that’s guiding you.