The Safe Room Podcast Revisits Their Favorite Introductory Horror Games [Podcast]

Everyone remembers their first introduction to horror. No matter the medium, horror always leaves a distinct impression, regardless of the age at which someone experiences it for the first time.

So for this week’s episode of Safe Room, Neil and I are going in a less traditional direction than most might assume. Rather than running down a list of the scariest or goriest games, we decided to highlight some of our favorite introductory horror games that serve as excellent stepping stone experiences into the horror genre.

In the past, we’ve highlighted the importance of accessibility for the horror genre, but this can often lead to a portion of genre fans being dismissive of anything labeled as family-friendly horror as “kid games” or the like. When in actuality, there’s a fair amount of horror games or games of adjacent genres that have strong horror influences that are not only memorable but are amongst some of our favorite games in recent memories.