‘The Last of Us’ – Season One Review [Safe Room Podcast]

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I’d be lying if “fool’s errand” wasn’t my first thought upon hearing about HBO’s plan to adapt The Last of Us into a series. I mean, who wants that kind of responsibility, let alone dealing with the inevitable shitstorm of precisely the type of comments we’ve come to expect when anything is adapted. And when we’re talking about one of the most beloved horror titles of the last decade, I think “fool’s errand” is a pretty justified gut reaction. 

And yet, with every new announcement regarding creatives and casting being attached to the project, that notion quickly left my mind. I mean, after all, how nervous can you be with Craig Mazin of Chernobyl fame and The Last of Us’s co-director and writer Neil Druckman are involved? 

Then a new series of worries arise. Will recasting beloved characters retain what made them special in the first place? Will the source material be adapted faithfully? And if not, are the narrative or directorial changes justified? These questions and more we unpack in this week’s episode, in which Neil and I are joined by returning friend of the show, and GameSpot Producer, Jake Dekker, to unpack Season One of The Last of Us in its entirety. 

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