‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Video Game Trailer Will Blow Your Mind With Recreated Movie Locations

Gun Interactive (Friday the 13th: The Game) is hard at work on their upcoming The Texas Chain Saw Massacre video game, and if this latest trailer is any indication, playing the game is going to be like stepping onto the set of Tobe Hooper’s horror classic. It comes courtesy of IGN this afternoon, and the video compares shots from the game to shots from the movie.

Much like they did with Friday the 13th: The Game, Gun has painstakingly recreated locations from the movie down to tiny details, and it’s a truly jaw-dropping comparison video.

Wes Keltner, CEO and Audio Director at Gun Interactive, tells Bloody Disgusting, “We say it a lot here at Gun. Authenticity is incredibly important to us. That’s probably the more press friendly way of saying, we’re obsessive. We studied the exact cameras Hooper used as well as the lens, the LUT’s and color corrections that occurred in post. We’re also lucky that we get to work directly with Kim Henkel, so we can really peel apart the DNA of this film and bring it to life the best way we can. This is what we’re passionate about because we’re fans, just like you.”

The game will feature classic villains from the movies as well as new family members, and the events of the Chain Saw game will take place *before* Tobe Hooper’s original classic.

Kane Hodder is playing Leatherface, and Ed Neal, who played the Hitchhiker in Tobe Hooper’s original horror classic, will be reprising the role in the upcoming game.

Here’s the plot synopsis: “A group of five young adults led by Ana Flores set out to search for her missing sister. What they found was terror beyond their wildest nightmares.”

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