‘Scream’ Scares Up $3.5 Million in Thursday Night Previews

Back in 2011, Wes Craven’s Scream 4 dialed up an $18 million opening weekend, that sequel released eleven years after Scream 3. Interestingly, the brand new movie has now come along in theaters exactly eleven years after Scream 4, but the circumstances here in 2022 are quite different. For starters, Craven is no longer with us, making Scream the very first movie in the franchise to be directed by someone else. And then, well, there’s that whole pandemic thing…

It’s been impossibly hard to predict how Scream 2022 will perform in theaters this year, but we have a bit of a better idea now that Thursday night’s preview numbers are available.

Via Deadline, Spyglass and Paramount’s Scream scared up $3.5 million in Thursday night previews last night in around 3,000 theaters. As Deadline notes, M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass had the same Thursday night preview figure and ended up legging its way to a $40 million domestic opening weekend, so that potential is certainly there for Scream this weekend.

Deadline also notes, “The hope is that Scream, with a Rotten Tomatoes fresh critics score of 76% and audience score of 90%, can screech past anything in the $20M over four-days.”

Forbes notes, “Scream 4 opened with $1 million in midnight previews in April of 2011, leading to a disappointing $8.2 million Friday and $18.7 million opening weekend.”

Scream 4 ended with $97.2 million worldwide back in 2011, a franchise low thus far.

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