Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween II’ Is the Best Depiction of Final Girl PTSD [Horror Queers Podcast]


October has been a pretty exciting month: we celebrated our 250th episode of the podcast with Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow, then tackled one of Jason Voorhees’ best entries with Friday the 13th Part 2 before getting real serious with Bryan Singer’s Apt Pupil.

We’re closing out the month with a seasonally appropriate film: Rob Zombie‘s 2009 return to the Halloween franchise, Halloween II. Important note of distinction, however, we’re talking about the Unrated Director’s Cut.

In the film, it’s been two years since Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor-Compton) faced down Michael Myers (Tyler Mane) but she’s still suffering from serious PTSD. Despite Annie (Danielle Harris) and Sheriff Brackett’s (Brad Dourif) claims that she’s safe, Laurie is spiraling as Halloween approaches.

Not helping matters is Dr. Sam Loomis (Malcolm McDowell), who has written an insensitive new book about the murders. As Michael returns to finish what he began, can Laurie survive or is she doomed to be reunited with her Ghost Mom Deborah (Sheri Moon Zombie) and that damn white horse?

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Episode 253 – Halloween 2 (2009) Unrated Director’s Cut

Look out for Ghost Mama and avoid death-magnet Laurie Strode because we are talking about Rob Zombie’s much maligned Halloween 2 (2009). C/W: the dog dies.

The film has problems, but we’re fond of its all-star cast (Brea Grant! Margot Kidder! Nurse Octavia Daniels!), as well as the film’s surprisingly nuanced consideration of Final Girl PTSD.

Plus: MVP Danielle Harris and Annie’s powerful death scene, human caricature Dr. Loomis, a misogynistic strip club scene, and all of the changes that makes the Director’s Cut an improvement over the Theatrical Cut.

Cross out Halloween 2!

Coming up on Wednesday: We’re continuing to court controversy with the debut of a new theme month where we’ll look at nothing but films depicting Toxic Masculinity! First up: Michael Haneke’s disturbing Funny Games (1997 or 2007)

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