[Podcast] Knight Light: A Horror Movie Podcast Heads Back to the Overlook With Mike Flanagan’s ‘Doctor Sleep’

Well, hi there.

Knight Light: A Horror Movie Podcast takes on Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep (Director’s Cut) in this two-parter episode of epic proportions! Okay, we are just going to be blunt, we adore this movie, but we try our best not to gush as much as possible.

Doctor Sleep follows a much older Dan Torrance (Ewan McGregor) dealing with his alcoholic addictions and finding his place in life. Upon moving to a new town meeting, he meets Billy Freeman (Cliff Curtis), who assists him in becoming sober. A few miles away, Abra Stone (Kyleigh Curran) has psychic shining abilities to communicate with Dan. However, she stumbles upon evil when she witnesses the brutal murder of a young boy named Bradley Trevor (Jacob Trembley) by a group called The True Knot, who thrive off the pain of others who shine.

Our heroes seek justice in this epic, adventurous tale of psychics going toe-to-toe.

Listen to Part One below. Part Two is currently available on our Patreon.

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