New ‘Resident Evil’ Content Teased For ‘Dead by Daylight’ [Video]

In addition to revealing the new “Roots of Dread” chapter for Dead by Daylight earlier today, Behaviour Interactive also dropped a little teaser at the end of their stream that sees them return to the well for more Resident Evil-related content, which will have “even more characters from the legendary horror franchise.”

Dubbed “Project W”, the teaser doesn’t reveal exactly who will be pulled from Resident Evil for Dead by Daylight, but one initially would assume that it involves Albert Wesker. However, we don’t actually see any clear evidence of Wesker in the teaser. The content is due out “before the end of 2022”, so we’ll have to patiently wait until the reveal (or until dataminers get to work).

As for the rest of the sixth anniversary stream, fans can expect plenty of new content for Dead by Daylight quite soon, including the aforementioned Roots of Dread. The new content is an original storyline for the game that brings with it a new Killer in the form of The Dredge, as well as new Survivor, Haddie Kaur. Roots of Dread will launch on Tuesday, June 7 across all consoles and PC.

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