‘Mr. Puzzles’: A Bot Watched 400,000 Hours of Horror Movies and Wrote This Short for Netflix! [Video]

His name is Mr. Puzzles. And he wants you to be less alive.

Working with writer Keaton Patti, Netflix is serving up a hilarious little treat this Halloween season in the form of a short animated horror movie… written entirely by bots?!

Netflix explains, “We worked with Keaton Patti to make a bot watch over 400,000 hours of horror movies and then write its own horror movie. This is what it came up with.”

The result is the 4-minute “First Horror Movie Written Entirely By Bots” video, a very Saw-like horror movie centered on Mr. Puzzles, a villain who wears a devil mask and forces his victims into elaborate traps involving everything from chair saws to a deadly rollerblade canon.

Yeah, it’s as bonkers as you’d probably expect. And oh yes, there will be “red coworker juice.”

The hilarious short even features “a child made of corn,” “an afraidy cougar,” and “a man named Jason.” Watch the first ever horror movie written entirely by bots down below!