‘Mom’s New Friend’: Bloody Disgusting’s Bleeders DIEgest Episode #13 with Special Guest Kelli Maroney Now Available!

Bleeders DIEgest is an original scary story podcast delivered as a fully immersive theatrical experience. From your speakers, straight into your psyche. Our tales are guaranteed to terrify the bravest of souls (even the dead ones). Select episodes feature horror celebrities, so you never know who will be narrating your next favorite story.

This week’s issue is called Mom’s New Friend, written by Krsy Fox. The episode features a very special guest as our lead, legendary actress Kelli Maroney! Kelli is known for her roles in dozens of iconic film and TV projects, including Night of the Comet and Chopping Mall.

In this new tale, “Benjamin Lass and his Mother Louise are very close. When Louise makes a new friend, the terror they experience may seem sexy but it will definitely end in blood!”

Available now on Apple, Spotify, and everywhere you get your podcasts.

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