Microsoft Claims Sony Won’t Allow ‘Silent Hill 2’ Remake on Xbox

While we’re all pretty psyched for Bloober Team’s upcoming remake of Silent Hill 2, recent developments regarding Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision-Blizzard looks to be throwing a wrench into things for Xbox owners.

If you haven’t been keeping up with things, Microsoft is currently at odds with the FTC over the acquisition, due to an antitrust lawsuit filed by the latter. Microsoft has in turn tried to garner sympathy from the public and the FTC, claiming things such as Sony having better exclusives for PlayStation. And in this case, Microsoft has stated that Sony has blocked other game publishers from releasing their games on Xbox.

In response to the FTC’s lawsuit, Microsoft released a statement that not only denied the FTC allegations, but also stated that Sony had “entered into arrangements with third-party publishers which require the ‘exclusion’ of Xbox from the set of platforms these publishers can distribute their games on.” Microsoft then listed off Final Fantasy VII Remake, Bloodborne, Final Fantasy XVI, and the remake of Silent Hill 2 as the games being “blocked” by Sony (though Microsoft incorrectly stated that Bloober Team was remastering SH2).

Keep in mind that this might all be hyperbole by Microsoft, as the Silent Hill 2 remake is being marketed as a timed exclusive, and would be coming to the Xbox at a later date. However, that was also back in October when the remake was announced, so things could have changed.

Neither Bloober Team, From Software or Square Enix have responded to Microsoft’s claims, though that’s probably a wise move on their part. Regardless of this whole situation, Silent Hill 2 is currently in development for PC via Steam and the PlayStation 5, with the Xbox Series coming at a later date.

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