Long-Repressed Memories ‘Quake’ in Juno Films’ Acquisition [Trailer]

Writer-director Tinna Hrafnsdóttir’s critically acclaimed Icelandic psychological-mystery drama Quake has sold to Juno Films for North America and the U.K., reports Variety.

In the film…

Anita Briem (Beautiful Beings, Journey to the Center of the Earth) stars as Saga, a single mother fighting to keep her young son while trying to piece together her life after losing her memory. Afraid of being considered unable to take care of her child, Saga attempts to hide her state from others as she searches for answers and recovers long-repressed memories.

“‘Quake’ is a taut mystery-thriller that masterfully spirals toward a cathartic, emotionally satisfying resolution,” said Elizabeth Sheldon, Juno Films’ president and CEO. “The stunning cinematography reflects a barren cold landscape that in turn reflects the emotionally frigid familial relationships in a film that keeps you guessing — until the very end — what is true.”

Juno Films is planning a limited theatrical release in late 2022.

Here’s the trailer.

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