Killer Clowns, Paris Catacombs, and Haunting Folklore in This Month’s ‘Horror Bytes’ [Safe Room Podcast]

Before diving into this week’s episode of Safe Room, be sure to check out last week’s discussion on Netflix’s Resident Evil series!

What better way to beat the heat than with some new indie horror games?

For this month’s edition of Horror Bytes, in which Neil and I each highlight four bite-sized indie titles, we have a new crop of horror experiences to chat about that can typically be completed in less than an hour.

Neil’s Picks

Wintercoffin – Surviving the elements while navigating the Winter coffin’s treacherous terrain will test the player’s navigational skills. 


The Catacombs – Fans of the film As Above, So Below will feel right at home with this claustrophobic found footage experience underneath the streets of Paris.


The River Runs Through Us – As highly polished of an interactive fiction experience as we’ve come across. Personable, humorous, and haunting folklore adventure with stellar production value.


Our Lady of the Drowned Lake, Zero Reporter – Reel in the truth behind the Lady of the Drowned Lake and the folklore that precedes her.

Jay’s Picks 

There is a Man in the Attic – A childhood fear suddenly resurfaces, forcing the protagonist to question whether their fear was well founded all those years ago. 



You vs. Cannibal Clowns – To avoid becoming meat for a posse of cannibalistic clowns, the player must hunt down three keys to awaken from their nightmare. 

Landlord – It’s a messy job, but someone has to do it, right? Cleaning a vacant unit takes a demonic turn that asks this landlord to do more than putting off much-needed repairs. 


The Pale – If the boredom of being the sole lighthouse keeper on an abandoned island doesn’t get you, the horrifying secrets within will. 

And as always, we ask that if you can do so, support the developers behind these games through their, steam, or Patreon pages.

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