Japan Receiving Exclusive ‘Resident Evil’ Boxsets Next Month Chronicling The Series’ History

Apart from having the big reveal and eventual release of Resident Evil Village earlier this year, we North American and European fans haven’t been given as special of a treatment as Japan has for the series’ 25th anniversary. Case in point: Capcom will be releasing a series of Japan-exclusive boxsets chronicling the series’ history.

Called the BioHazard 25th Episode Selection, each boxset contains a selection of games from the franchise’s history, marked by each “chapter” of the overall story, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. The first set includes Resident Evil 0, and remakes of Resident EvilResident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. The second set contains Resident Evil 4 through Resident Evil 6, while the last set includes Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village, with a set of postcards to make up for the missing 9th game (though you can bet Capcom will be doing that one in due time).

The closest we in the West have ever gotten to something of an anthology set was the Resident Evil 6: Anthology Edition, which contained digital codes for Resident Evil 1 through 5 with RE6 on disc. However, that was limited to the PlayStation 3, and the Xbox 360 version only had RE4 through 6, Code: Veronica X, and the lame Resident Evil Degeneration animated film.

The three boxsets will be released on November 25th, retailing for 5,990 Yen each (approximately $54 USD). You can always import the sets yourself, although be aware that the recent remakes, Resident Evil VII and Resident Evil Village have been subject to censorship, due to Japan’s strict CERO ratings system.

A big thank you to RelyOnHorror for finding this story.