Horror Trilogy ‘Fresh Hell’ Wraps Production; Watch an Exclusive Clip from ‘Wolves Against the World’

Indie film studio and distribution company Good Deed Entertainment (GDE) has announced this week that they have wrapped production on their inaugural original production, the horror trilogy Fresh Hell. Just completed, the three feature-length films in the series are eyeing a summer 2024 release via GDE’s horror vertical Cranked Up Films.

Fresh Hell is a three-feature film anthology series from writer/director Quinn Armstrong; the films are titled Dead Teenagers, The Exorcism of Saint Patrick, and Wolves Against the World, each different film said to be “linked by time and space.”

“The first horror movie I ever remember watching was Creepshow and I still think that horror anthologies are the backbone of the genre,” says Armstrong. “It’s been such a pleasure to work in the tradition of horror anthologies to create Fresh Hell, an anthology of features with a modern twist.”

The unique horror trilogy is said to “lovingly harken back to the Hammer Horror or Roger Corman model of shooting films on a small budget back-to-back, with great creativity and killer practical effects.” VFX were manned by Dave Greathouse, whose impressive roster of credits include The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Wrong Turn (2021), Tusk, Fun Size, and The Usual Suspects.

Read on for everything you need to know about each of the movies in the Fresh Hell trilogy and find exclusive imagery below along with a gnarly clip from Wolves Against the World.

Wolves Against the World:

Two members of a defunct neo-Nazi metal band reunite at the site of their bandmate’s suicide. One sinks into depravity and grievance and one tries to atone for what he has done. What ensues is an occult battle of wills between two men who have done terrible things as one tries to lure the other back into the movement, unleashing the animals that hide inside them.

Dead Teenagers:

A masked killer, a cabin in the woods, a group of teens: the basic ingredients of a very old story. But what happens when the story is interrupted? What happens if it keeps going? What do these horror movie archetypes do when they’re thrown into new and unfamiliar situations? Five teenagers are stalked by a killer in the woods. But when the killer accidentally dies, the kids discover they cannot leave until they’ve fulfilled the script of the movie they’re trapped in. They must decide who among them lives and dies.

The Exorcism of Saint Patrick:

A pastor takes a young gay teen to a cabin to perform conversion therapy. When the pastor goes too far, bullying the kid into suicide, the ghost of his victim returns to plague the pastor and avenge the deaths of so many other ghosts like him.

“Wolves Against the World”

“Dead Teenagers”

“The Exorcism of Saint Patrick”

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