Horror Bytes October 2022 [Safe Room Podcast]

Before diving into this month’s latest edition of Horror Bytes, check out last week’s episode with Jake Dekker on The Last of Us Part I (There’s also a bonus episode where we interview Immortality composer Nainita Desai).

Happy spooky season, everyone!

And what better way to kick off the scariest season of the year than with a new SPECIAL edition of Horror Bytes, the indie horror segment in which Neil and I each highlight several bite-sized indie titles. 

What makes this month’s especially spooky? This week, we’re joined by the indie horror curator @HorrorVisuals (aka Hurc), who has brought four of his favorite bite-sized indie frights to the table this month. 

So pour yourself a warm beverage, grab your favorite comfy blanket, and tune in for some indie horror titles you can’t miss. 

And as always, we ask that if you can do so, 

support the developers behind these games through their itch.io, steam, or Patreon pages.


The Building 71 IncidentWhen has exploring an abandoned building ever gone wrong? The Building 71 Incident combines familiar staples of VHS found footage horror with engaging psychological scares and environmental storytelling.

Contemp – If you’re a fan of photorealistic haunted house walks akin to P.T. and Resident Evil 7, then Contemp may scratch that itch nicely for you.  

The Floor is Breathing – Explore the deranged mind of a serial killer and see how their perception of reality is a nightmare in and of itself. 

Next Door – Inspired by the works of Junji Ito, this creepy 2D apartment side scroller will have you thankful that your neighbors are JUST nosy.


Dead River PreludeA brief snippet of world-building for what looks to be an intriguing witchcraft survival horror game.

House of Thyme 3D – This old-school 4-color 3D throwback combines first-person dungeon crawlers with a vegetation infestation that’ll have you thankful you only have weeds at your place.


Broken ThroughAfter inheriting the belongings of your friend who was declared dead seven years after going missing, you discover a strange computer game that unleashes an all-new kind of nightmare. 

AcrophileWhen has mainland researchers disturbing isolated communities ever gone wrong? Explore the mysteries of the inhabitants’ island and perhaps learn why they are all blue. Maybe.

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