Horror Adventure Game ‘In Nightmare’ Eyes PC Release Later This Year

Already out for PlayStation consoles, publisher Maximum Games and developer Magic Fish Studio have announced that their horror action game In Nightmare will now see a PC release via Steam later this year. Per Gematsu, along with enhanced graphics and gameplay tweaks, the PC version of In Nightmare will include all of the content released for the PlayStation versions since launch.

In Nightmare follows a young boy whose family’s difficulties results in him closing himself off from everything and falling into a deep sleep. However, even in his dreams he finds no solace, as his nightmares have come to life to haunt his every move. This sets him on his journey to uncover what truly lies within.

Along your journey, you will encounter puzzles that will attempt to thwart your progress. Use your wits and your spirit guide to help you solve these puzzles. In addition, your spirit guide will help you find ways to sneak past enemies. Embrace your fears and uncover the truth so that you may be able to purify the monsters that you’ve created, and finally wake up and free yourself from a potential eternal nightmare.

And in case you missed it, for those PlayStation owners who love their physical media, you can order a physical copy of In Nightmare from Maximum Games’ official site.

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