‘Haunting Ground’ Character Designer Joins Bokeh Studio For Unannounced Horror Title

Bokeh Game Studio are still stocking up on talent for their as-yet-unannounced Survival Horror title. The studio announced earlier via Twitter (and new YouTube video) that they’ve brought on board former Capcom character designer Tatsuya Yoshikawa. If you’ve been keeping track, Yoshikawa’s work has been seen in the Mega Max X and Breath of Fire series, but also in the Capcom cult 2005 PlayStation 2 title, Haunting Ground.

As for the video introducing Yoshikawa, the video explores his background and his time at Capcom. Bokeh Creative Director Keiichiro Toyama talks about how he was first introduced to Yoshikawa and how he became involved in Bokeh’s project (his love of John Carpenter’s The Thing, for one). The video also talks about Yoshikawa’s challenges with bringing his 2D art to life in 3D.

Of course, we get glimpses of said 2D art for the project, which is aiming for a 2023 release date.