Game Script for 1996 Cult PC Horror Game ‘Harvester’ Released

Cult PC classic Harvester holds a special place for many gamers, even if the game is admittedly rough around the edges. But that’s part of the fun. Not to mention that it raised a few hackles when it was released back in October of 1996. And after all these years, we finally have the game’s script to oogle.

Aarno Malin from the Harvester Facebook fan page released the scanned version of the script late last night, which he obtained from Mike Napodano, who was one of the main designers of Harvester. The script is dated 1994, and contains ideas that never made it into the game. In addition, a lot of the dialogue used in Harvester wasn’t included in the script.

Some of the differences from the final game and the script include alternate routes to proceed in Harvester, as well as references to cut characters. Among them is Mr. Pastorelli, a character who only knows Italian that never actually spoke in the final game. He was originally supposed to allude to the player about the truth of the town of Harvest. Harvester originally had a time-based system that affected when events would happen and how daily routines would work. This included police that would patrol the city, and potentially arrest you if you were caught doing a crime.

There are other goodies, but those venture into spoiler territory. If you’re interested in revisiting Harvester, you can snag it on Steam, or on GOG. The latter is currently on sale, and contains a bunch of bonus material.

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