Embrace the Icy Cold Ocean in Upcoming Horror Strategy Game ‘Terror: Endless Night’ [Trailer]

With Steam Fall Next Fest in full swing, Feardemic and developer Unseen Silence have dropped a new demo and trailer during the event for their upcoming horror strategy game, Terror: Endless Night. The game made an appearance last month during Feardemic’s Fear Fest, as is set to arrive on consoles and PC via Steam in 2023.

Inspired by the novel by Dan Simmons and based on true events, Terror: Endless Night sees you managing your crew as well as your ship while it’s stuck on the ice during its voyage to rescue the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. The two missing ships were heading to the Arctic to find a passage to East Asia. Unfortunately, all contact with the crews for each ship has been lost. Complicating matters is the fate of your son, who is a member of the crew for the missing ships.

Each crew member of your ship is an individual person with their own skills and individual needs. You’ll need to be take care of your crew, along with the ship. You’ll be assigning shifts, managing your supplies, and passing laws, all in order to survive.

That all includes making difficult decisions based on your limited supplies to keep your crew alive. Will you show compassion, or reduce the human lives under your command to a cold-hearted calculus? Will you die with dignity, or use your comrade’s body as food to live another day?

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