‘Doom’ Now Plays on Twitter

Just when you think the running joke of making Doom run on everything has reached its zenith, along comes something else. Case in point: Doom now runs on Twitter.

Okay, while it’s not quite the experience you might be thinking, it’s still pretty cool. The Tweet2Doom bot allows you (if you have the patience) to play the game by tweeting the bot specific instructions. The bot then plays the game according to those instructions, and then sends a video response. Think of it as playing chess via email.

Yeah, it’s cumbersome and requires you knowing how to construct syntax code to send to the bot, but you can have the bot resume any game by simply by responding to the tweet from the bot. The team behind it has also made the code available on GitHub, in case you were wondering just what kind of black magic was involved.

Big thanks to Hackaday for finding this.