Cursed TV, a Xenomorph, and a Sinister Online Quiz Star in March’s Horror Bytes [Safe Room Podcast]

Before listening to this month’s edition of Horror Bytes, check out last month’s discussion on Atomic Heart, Resident Evil Village VR, and more!

For this month’s edition of Horror Bytes, in which Neil and I each highlight bite-sized indie titles, we have a new crop of horror experiences to chat about that can typically be completed in less than an hour. 

And while some of these titles we’ll be discussing may be free, we believe it’s important to support the developers hard work: So if you can, please support them through their, steam, or Patreon pages.

Alien Survivor

Ever want to experience the final moments of Ridley Scott’s Alien, where Ripley must flee the Nostormo before it self-destructs? Now you can in Alien Survivor, a gorgeous recreation in Unreal Engine 5, but don’t be wary of the Xenomorph that is pursuing her! 

Be Honest

A personality quiz with a demonic twist, Be Honest begins simple enough but grows increasingly unsettling with its personal questions and manipulation of the game’s presentation.  

In The Deep

In The Deep combines the terror of Underwater with engrossing writing and atmospheric ambient track to make for a memorable text adventure experience.

Nightmare Zapping

Who else misses the days of channel surfing aimlessly? Nightmare Zapping preys upon our nostalgia with a series of disturbing vignettes that are all tied by a mysterious entity that is preying upon a small town. 

Phobophobia Case File #0: The Orphanage

They thought the killings would stop when the serial killer was caught, but that turned out to just be the beginning. In Phobophobia Case File #0: The Orphanage the player explores an abandoned orphanage where the killer grew up in this unique hybrid of horror point-and-click and RPG mechanics. 

Spectral Filter

A mysterious facility. A secretive company. A very dead body. Spectral Filter is an atmospheric exploration of the supernatural that relies on staggering sound design and gorgeous visuals to unnerve.  

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