‘Friday the 13th’ Got Smart With ‘Part VI: Jason Lives’ [Horror Queers Podcast]

Meta Jason We’re past the halfway point of May and Trace and I have already watched a number of unusual films and had great conversations! Last week we tackled the most contemporary film we’ve ever discussed on the pod with non-binary filmmaker Jane Schoebrun’s We’re All Going To The World’s Fair (2021) and the week […]

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‘Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI’ Cast and Crew Reunite for 35th Anniversary [Video]

When writer-director Tom McLoughlin grabbed the wheel of the Friday the 13th franchise, he took it in a completely new direction. Five sequels in — and particularly following the polarizing reception to 1985’s Friday the 13th: A New Beginning — he knew the slasher series needed a fresh take. Something that could recalibrate the Jason […]

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‘Fear Street: 1978’ Was Filmed at the Same Camp Location as ‘Friday the 13th: Jason Lives’!

Now streaming on Netflix, Fear Street Part 2: 1978 (read Meagan’s review) is the middle piece in director Leigh Janiak‘s trilogy of films inspired by R.L. Stine’s teen horror novels, taking a (mostly) new group of characters to Camp Nightwing for a retro slasher inspired by “Golden Age” films like Friday the 13th and Sleepaway […]

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