A Pornstar Slasher, An Oddball Murder Mystery and More in this Month’s Horror Bytes [Safe Room Podcast]

Before diving into this week’s discussion on Horror Bytes, listen to last month’s edition of The Inventory: Safe Room’s review show, in which we discuss Dredge, Diablo IV Beta, Resident Evil 4 remake, and more!

Welcome back to Horror Bytes, our monthly indie horror showcase, in which Neil and I each highlight four bite-sized indie titles; we have a new bevy of horror titles to chat about that can typically be completed in less than an hour. 

And while some of these titles may be free, we believe it’s important to support the developer’s hard work: So if you can, please support them through their itch.io, steam, or Patreon pages.

This month’s selections!

Murder at Mingus Manor

There has been a murder a Mingus Manor! What is Mingus Manor? Who knows, but it’s filled with monsters that must be interviewed before the killer strikes again!

The Lacerator

A pornstar and their crew have been kidnapped by the famed serial killer The Lacerator! Escape the hideout with all your limbs in this VHS survival horror homage!


Isolated and alone in a remote construction site, you awake to the power going out and must venture into the night to uncover the source of the outage. Everything’s probably fine out there. Right? 

Bite-Sized Terrors: See No Fear

Separated from their girlfriend after a car crash, the player must make their way through the wilderness without their glasses and just their cell phone as a light source. And then the strange sightings begin.

The Eye’s Embrace

Most things in life are usually too good to be true. So when your promised night out to see your favorite band ends up being a trap, and you’re kidnapped and offered up as a blood sacrifice for vampires, maybe think twice before being social.

Other Sides: The Dark Ways

Note to self: Ignore any and all strange phone calls about distant family members in this exploration of a strange unground world. 

That Lingering Pit

Awaking to discover a put has formed in your living room is not exactly an ideal start to one’s day. So naturally, you descend into that pit in all its cosmic horror glory in this text-based adventure.

Say Nice Things About Detroit

“Say Nice Things” is easier said than done in this blending of The Typing of the Dead with a hometown hero aesthetic. 

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