A ‘Castlevania Homage’, Cursed ‘Animal Crossing’, and More In ‘Horror Bytes’ [Safe Room Podcast]

It’s our favorite time of the month, that being Horror Bytes: our monthly indie horror segment, in which Neil and I highlight several bite-sized slices of horror that can typically be completed in less than an hour.

While some of these titles we’ll be discussing may be free, we believe it’s important to support the developer’s hard work: So, if you can, please support them through their itch.io, steam, or Patreon pages.

While I am unfortunately absent from this week’s episode, have no fear as Neil is accompanied by returning friend of the show and Dread XP writer Ian Marvin to chat bite-sized horrors! – Jay Krieger

Ian’s Picks

Out of the Blue

For fans of classic dungeon crawlers, Out of the Blue meets Dark Souls in its intricately designed labyrinth world with the added challenge of a limited amount of moves before returning to the start of your adventure.

Don’t Dig Up the Dead

There is truly no rest for the dead in Don’t Dig Up the Dead, as the player is tasked with discovering items scattered throughout a forest before engaging in bullet hell-style encounters with ghosts. 

Harvest Festival ’64

For fans of N64-style graphics and Harvest Moon-style sims, Harvest Festival ’64 will be right up your alley. A proof of concept that impresses in more ways than one, and it was made in just three days!

Nosferatu’s Revenge

A love letter to Castlevania reinforces just how pivotal the beloved action horror original was.  

Neil & Jay’s Picks

Feet In the Snow

A proper 90’s point-and-click horror homage with a dreamlike approach to storytelling and scares makes Feet in the Snow a memorable nightmare.

Elevated Dread

The monotony of posting party fliers in an apartment building is broken up by Elevated Dread’s increasingly surreal floors and that which stalks its halls. 

The Red Abyss Deep Below

A detective’s job is never easy, and in The Red Abyss Deep Below, the presence of a Cthulhu-esque abyss complicates finding the mayor’s missing wife in this stylized adventure.

Frightliner Express

A fair bit of juggling in this one.

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