WWI Horrors in ‘Amnesia: The Bunker’ [Safe Room Podcast]

Frictional Games might be the most impressive modern horror developer out there. I am continually impressed by their ability to evolve their games narratively and mechanically while crafting equally enthralling worlds around them. From the dog days of Penumbra to the more refined Amnesia series and SOMA, Frictional has shown they aren’t a one-trick pony. And I’d consider Amnesia: The Bunker their most impressive feat yet.

In this week’s episode, Neil and I unpack how Frictional applies an immersive sim focus to their unique brand of horror, share a few anecdotes, and discuss what makes Amnesia: The Bunker’s environment such a standout. 

Meanwhile, in our Horror Bytes episode this week, we cover two short indie horror games set in 1997. Eerie Enigma channels the cheesy charms of the original Resident Evil whilst Incident at Grove Lake drags us into the world of alien abduction.

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