“World of Darkness” VR Title ‘Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice’ Arrives November 2nd [Trailer]

With Bloodlines 2 looking less likely to arrive this year, Fast Travel Games are picking up the slack with their upcoming VR title Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice. Announced back in June, the game now has a November 2 release date for the Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, and the PlayStation VR2. Pre-orders are now available with a 10% discount and a unique skin for the hand-attached crossbow.

In Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice, players set out to uncover the mystery behind their sire’s murder and reclaim a stolen relic in the dark underbelly of Venice, Italy. You take on the role of Justice, a vampire of the Banu Haqim clan. Follow a gritty main narrative, embark on several side missions, and engage in unique dialogue options to track down the culprits.

Throughout the game, players can use their vampiric Disciplines to hunt and remain hidden from society’s gaze. Disciplines can be purchased in-game via XP, allowing players to customize their playstyle further. Disciplines available to the player include:

  • Cloak of Shadows: Sneak up on enemies, blend into the environment, and turn almost invisible.

  • Cauldron of Blood: A powerful but noisy attack. Boil the blood of victims until their messy end. Very painful. Very likely lethal.

  • Shadow Trap: Place a portal to the underworld on the ground, then close it on victims, dragging them into Oblivion.

Vampire: The Masquerade — Justice isn’t the only World of Darkness title Fast Travel has develope. You can also check out Wraith: The Oblivion — Afterlife for the PlayStation VR.

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