‘UNFOLLOW’ Follow-up in ‘FOLLOW’ Announced for Later This Year [Trailer]

With Serafini Productions continuing to work on UNFOLLOW, a natural follow-up to that would be a game called FOLLOW, right? That’s exactly what Serafini are doing, announcing FOLLOW as a new standalone story set in the UNFOLLOW universe.

Going back to the style of the first UNFOLLOW demo with the emphasis on psychological horror over action, FOLLOW tells the origin story of UNFOLLOW protagonist Anne, specifically delving into the challenging relationship between a mother and daughter. Once again, Serafini are tackling some heavy themes, this time focusing on bullying and the protagonist’s struggles with eating disorders. Serafini has enlisted the help of Italian psychologist Emanuela Papa to ensure the themes in the game are “handled with precision.”

Gameplay for FOLLOW will see you explore unsettling environments while solving puzzles as you reconstruct Anne’s troubled story. You’ll once again have to escape from terrifying demons that lurk in the darkness that are relentless in their pursuit of Anne.

The game offers a standalone narrative experience that can be enjoyed independently of UNFOLLOW, and vice versa. Both titles are slated for release in 2024. A closed playtest of the demo will be available later this month, and will be announced on Serafini’s X page.

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