Undaunted Games to Relaunch ‘Forest Hills: The Last Year’ Later This Year [Trailer]

Developer Undaunted Games is living up to their name, having relaunched the asymmetrical horror game Last Year last May original developer Elastic Games went defunct. The developer has now announced that they will be relaunching the game as Forest Hills: The Last Year later this year during “Prom Season”, complete with a host of new art, maps, and killers to terrorize students.

Forest Hills: The Last Year will see old characters return to join the ranks of the Displaced, which now includes new residents from the town of Forest Hills. The residents will have to team up to deal with a new graduating class of Fiends, each with a signature style. Teams will have to balance their unique skills to escape the killer before time runs out.

“When we took over the Last Year brand, we knew we wanted to make some changes, but we also wanted to stay true to the game’s spirit,” according to Mark Waterworth, Creative Director at Undaunted Games. “We’re going to improve the look and feel of the game, expand the available maps, and bring new partnerships. We hear what the fans have been asking for, and we’re bringing Last Year back – with a vengeance!”

In addition to expanding content, Undaunted Games is also expanding its creative team for Forest Hills. Veteran comic book artist and professional wrestler Andy “Bob Anger” Belanger has joined to work on game artwork, while Frank Tieri has joined to work on the game’s narrative. Sean Schemmel, who will be familiar to fans of the Dragon Ball series, will serve as Voice Over Director.

The plan is to relaunch Forest Hills: The Last Year this Summer. The game will be making an appearance at this year’s PAX East from March 21 to the 24. Meanwhile, Last Year is currently free-to-play on Steam.

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