“Twisted Metal” Season 2? Six Reasons We’re Hoping for More

I think it’s pretty safe to assume that no one had exceptionally high hopes for Peacock’s take on Twisted Metal. A comedic adaptation of an over-the-top car combat franchise that hasn’t seen a new entry in over twelve years – it feels like everything was stacked against this odd little streaming project from the very start. Thankfully, the end result was a surprisingly entertaining show that managed to combine original storytelling with enough nods to the original source material to keep both fans and newcomers consistently engaged.

That being said, there’s clearly still room for improvement here, which is something that the show itself acknowledges towards the end of the experience with its tease of a more game-accurate second season. With that in mind, we’ve come up with this list highlighting six reasons why we’re excited for a second season of Twisted Metal, as while the future of any streaming production is always up in the air due to the current state of the industry, the show’s record-breaking popularity means that a return to this bizarre world of post-apocalyptic mayhem is more likely than not at this point.

And if you’re also a fan of Peacock’s first foray into video game adaptations, don’t forget to comment below with your own favorite parts of the series and where you’d like to see the showrunners take the story next.

Now, onto the list…

6. There’s Nothing Else Quite Like It on Television

The most obvious reason why I think we need more Twisted Metal is the simple fact that there’s nothing else quite like it on television right now. I don’t mean that there aren’t any other shows based on video games or even quirky comedies on streaming – there just aren’t enough half-hour romps that borrow from genre cinema without watering their influences down in order to stretch the series’ runtime.

Genre shows that respect the audience’s time are becoming increasingly rare in a media landscape that values watch-time over watch-quality, and that’s why I appreciate that an odd show like Twisted Metal can still stand toe-to-toe with other algorithm-friendly programs from the more popular streaming giants without overstaying its welcome.

5. More Apocalyptic Mix Tapes

Twisted Metal Season 2 hopes

Kick-ass soundtracks have been a part of the Twisted Metal series ever since the PS1 days, so it stands to reason the TV adaptation would also boast some memorable tunes to go along with the vehicular carnage. And while John Doe’s CD collection offers up a fun assortment of period-accurate songs, it’s not exactly the same blood-pumping soundtrack that used to motivate players to smash their enemies into scrap.

With nearly three decades of musical madness to choose from, there are still plenty of opportunities for Twisted Metal to license some more high-octane music from the original games – ranging from classics by Pitchshifter to a couple of bangers by Brazil’s own Sepultura.

And speaking of heavy metal horror, there’s one notable absence here that should be addressed in subsequent seasons…

4. Rob Friggin’ Zombie

He may have only appeared as a driver in Twisted Metal 4 (where a low-poly rendition of the singer drove a vehicle inspired by the iconic Dragula), but Rob Zombie has been contributing music to Sony’s franchise since 1998. And with Peacock’s TM adaptation already sporting a 90s-inspired aesthetic, a second season would be the perfect opportunity to bring Zombie back both in front of and behind the cameras!

Hell, Mr. Zombie could even be persuaded to direct a couple of episodes, with his signature neo-grindhouse style feeling like a perfect fit for post-apocalyptic road-trips. And while we’re at it, why not put Sheri Moon Zombie behind the wheel of one of these motorized murder machines as Raven or Bloody Mary?

3. More Sweet Tooth!

Twisted Metal Season 2?

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Samoa Joe and Will Arnett are a winning combination, but I still didn’t expect to be so thoroughly entertained by the show’s live action incarnation of Needles Kane. A definite stand-out among an already talented cast of insane characters, Sweet Tooth is just as fascinating here as he was in the games.

That being said, the show tends to play up his comedic side a little too much when compared to some of the darker entries in the series, so I’d love it if a second season could explore more of the truly horrific aspects of this ice-cream-truck-driving slasher villain.

2. An Expanded Cast of Maniacal Drivers

From Anthony Mackie and Stephanie Beatriz’s surprisingly comedic rapport to Thomas Haden Church’s intimidating performance as Agent Stone (not to mention brief yet memorable appearances by fan favorite characters like Preacher and even Twister), I think everyone agrees that the memorable ensemble of drivers is the real heart of the show here.

And with the constant vehicular manslaughter resulting in numerous casualties, a second season would be forced to introduce even more wacky characters to replace the ones left behind in the wreckage – another reason why the show would likely improve as the story evolves. Besides, it’s not really Twisted Metal without Axel (who was already teased in the final episode), so I think we should give the showrunners a chance to impress viewers with some truly bizarre additions to the cast.

1. The Tournament

I was initially frustrated by Peacock’s refusal to make the first season revolve around Calypso’s legendary tournament, but having watched the entirety of the show, I actually appreciate how Twisted Metal allowed us to become familiar with this original world and its strange inhabitants before committing to a no-holds-barred competition that will likely result in the death of most of the participants.

And with a tournament all but guaranteed for a possible second season, I very likely that a return trip to this devastated America would be even more brutal than the first one. After all, the violent car combat is what made this franchise a hit in the first place, and a story structured around a kill-or-be-killed tournament would certainly feature even more mechanical massacres.

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