[Trailer] ‘Minecraft’ Meets ‘DOOM’ Map Pack ‘Doomed: Demons of the Nether’ Officially Available

We’ve had Minecraft mixed with Diablo in Minecraft Dungeons. But now players have DOOM mixed with Minecraft with DOOMED: Demons of the Nether. Initially begun development the same year as Minecraft Dungeons, the map pack is the brainchild of Sibogy, who recently announced the pack’s official launch.

The singleplayer affair is, of course, based on id Software’s recent DOOM games, featuring newly-crafted models, weapons and AI. The map pack plays into the fast and fluid gameplay of DOOM, with customized sound effects and music, as well as plenty of familiar foes for you to frag. There are even cinematics and collectibles for you to enjoy.

To play the map pack, you’ll need to have Minecraft updated to version 1.16.3. From there, hit up the official site for the map pack and get ready to rip and tear.