[TOMORROW] ‘Visitors’ – Ultra Gory Japanese Anthology in the Vein of ‘Evil Dead’ Heads to SCREAMBOX!

SCREAMBOX and Midnight Pulp are excited to unleash Visitors (The Complete Edition), Kenichi Ugana‘s Japanese anthology movie that opens with one of the goriest shorts we’ve ever seen.

In the 60-minute splatterfest, which hits SCREAMBOX tomorrow…

“A rock ‘n’ roll band drop in unannounced on a friend and find themselves plummeting into a wackadoo reverie of monsters and mayhem.”

After premiering at this year’s Fantastic Fest, Visitors makes its way to VOD platforms SCREAMBOX before heading to Midnight Pulp at a later date.

Get ready for Evil Dead-esque gory mayhem in Visitors. Dig the trailer…

Also recently added to SCREAMBOX is Door, an extremely rare home invasion slasher movie from 1988 that has never been screened outside of Japan and has just been remastered. The final 20 minutes are bonkers!

In the film…

“A lonely housewife is held hostage in her own apartment by an increasingly deranged door-to-door salesman in this forgotten home invasion masterpiece.”

Directed by Banmei Takahashi, the story behind Door is extremely interesting.

Many of you may remember Director’s Company, a Japanese production company from 1982-1992 that was made up of many legends of Japanese cinema including Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Sogo Ishii, Shinji Somai, and others.

They made many amazing Japanese films but also broke ground for genre cinema in Japan including the cult classic Evil Dead Trap. Before Evil Dead Trap they made the first Giallo film in Japan… Door. Interestingly, Kiyoshi Kurosawa directed the film’s sequel!

Here’s the trailer…


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