Time-Limited Demo Available for ‘Welcome to ParadiZe’; New Overview Trailer Released [Watch]

With Welcome of ParadiZe coming later this month, and Steam Next Fest in full swing, Nacon and Eko Software have not only dropped a new trailer for the co-op zombie strategy game, but also have a demo available until February 12th to give prospective fans a taste of the combat, crafting and RPG mechanics for Welcome to ParadiZe before you plunk down for pre-orders.

The trailer gives those of you who haven’t heard of Welcome to ParadiZe an overview of the game “in 60 seconds flat”. You play as an apocalypse survivor just looking for a quiet life and a nice view from your rocking chair. You settle in ParadiZe, a haven of peace spared from the zombie invasion, according to all of the advertising, at least. Obviously, that’s not the case, as you actually find a town in chaos, overrun by zombies.

Battle your way through the brainless hordes of the living dead, and use anything you find along the way to avoid becoming an appetizer. You’ll have to craft your own weapons and armour, upgrade them and recruit your own army of zombots, using the handy Tusk Group hacking helmets. You can enhance your chances of survival using the complete talents tree, through which you can master your combat, survival or hacking skills! Meanwhile, you can put your zombots to work building, running and defending your camp.

Meanwhile, the demo for Welcome to ParadiZe covers the first chapter of the game, as well as allowing you to play in solo or co-op mode.

Welcome to ParadiZe will arrive on February 29th for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

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