Third Character Trailer for ‘Redfall’ Introduces Combat Engineer Remi [Video]

Arkane and Bethesda have released their third character trailer for Redfall, this time focusing on Remi De La Rosa. Described as “a brilliant combat engineer who has spent her life on the frontlines,” Remi is a member of the Coast Guard, who were in the process of rescuing survivors caught in the vampire disaster in Redfall.

Putting her engineering skills to good use, Remi created Bribón, a highly advanced robot designed to be a decoy, cover and attack drone. In fact, Remi’s primary ability, “Siren”, has Bribón distract nearby enemies to draw enemy fire.

In turn, Remi can utilize her other ability to place C4 charges that will stick to enemies and surfaces, allowing her to perfectly time detonations for maximum damage. Much like the previously-revealed Jacob, Remi has no ability specifically for movement. Instead, Remi can make use her C4 charges to “jump”. Lastly, Remi’s Ultimate Ability is “Mobilize”, which allows her to create a rallying point where she and other players can assemble to be healed or revived over time.

Redfall is set to release on May 2 for the Xbox Series and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store.

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