The Erotic Joy of The Wachowski Sisters’ ‘Bound’ [Horror Queers Podcast]

Ovinal neo-noir.

September has been the month of erotic thrillers on the Horror Queers podcast, and after spending the first two weeks discussing Brian De Palma’s controversial masterpiece Dressed to Kill and Paul Feig’s suburban noir A Simple Favor, we’re now moving into a queer cinema classic in the Wachowski sisters’ 1996 neo-noir Bound!

Bound sees Violet (Jennifer Tilly) set her eyes on Corky (Gina Gershon) in an elevator. Unfortunately, Violet is the girlfriend of violent gangster Caesar (Joe Pantoliano), while Corky is fresh out of prison and doing renovations on the apartment next door. As the two women launch into a passionate love affair, they assemble an intricate plan for Violet to escape from Caesar, with two million dollars of the mob’s money. As you might expect: not everything goes according to plan.

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Episode 248: Bound (1996)

Get ready for a world of wet because we’re continuing our month of erotic thrillers with a look at the Wachowski sisters’ 1996 ovinal queer classic Bound! Tagging in for the conversation is the founder of Salem Horror Fest: Kay Lynch!

Join us as we kick things off with a brief discussion on the differences between noir and neo-noir before going all in on the casting drama that nearly cost us Jennifer Tilly! Then it’s all (and we mean all) fair game as we analyze this masterpiece of queer cinema.

Plus: plenty of frank sexual conversations, femme tops, threatened masculinity, overhead shots galore, and all the praise for Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon’s lead performances. And remember: Don’t force the snake. Slow and easy does it.

Cross out Bound!

Coming up on Wednesday: We’re concluding our theme month on erotic thrillers with a look at some unsimulated queer sex in Alain Guiraudie’s 2013 film Stranger By the Lake.

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